Rebecca Weimer

Rebecca is a Master's level intern, pursuing her degree in Art Therapy and as a Professional Counselor. She is accepting new clients for in-person therapy in Brentwood, Tennessee.

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About Rebecca.

Rebecca Weimer is a Master’s level Art Therapist and Professional Counselor. Rebecca is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She also holds certifications as a Birth Doula (IDI) and Postpartum Doula (DONA) and previously has supported families through this vulnerable time. 

Following the loss of their daughter in labor, Eyerusalem Ruth, Rebecca began to pursue Counseling and Art Therapy as means to offer healing to families who have experienced loss. Having experienced both full term loss, miscarriage, and pregnancy complications following loss, Rebecca desires to provide a safe space for grieving, healing and transformation amidst the throws of grief and loss. 


Rebecca works collaboratively with her clients using trauma informed approaches, paired with expressive therapies, to achieve client specific treatment goals. Rebecca specializes in the use of art media to assist in healing from trauma and in grief work, when desired by the client. 


When not in the office, Rebecca spends her days with her daughter, Kali and her husband Bereket, exploring the beautiful hikes of Tennessee. She also loves trips to Ethiopia, her husband's home country, and the glorious coffee it holds!