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Questions To Ask An
Adoption Agency

Starting the adoption process can be exciting, full of hope and expectation. Intermixed with the positive emotions is the realization that this is unchartered territory and that there is more unknown than known by you.


We have compiled a list of questions for you to use to interview prospective adoption agencies. We suggest that you do thorough research into your local adoption agencies, consultants or lawyers.


Prior to you signing any document with any agency, we suggest that you feel  1) comfortable, having all of your questions answered, and 2) safe, allowing them to usher you into parenthood.

Happy Family

"Adopted" is a
past-tense verb,
not an adjective."
-Russell Moore

Before Your First Visit With An Adoption Agency

Consider the following questions:

  1. Are you an accredited agency?

  2. What is the history of this agency?

  3. How many states do you serve?

  4. Are there any adoptive parents that you have served that we can speak with?

  5. How do you vet potential adoptive parents?

  6. How many successful placements have you had? In the last year?

  7. How many current waiting families do you have?

  8. How many failed placements have you had this year?

  9. On average, what percent of placements fall through?

  10. Do you expect adoptive parents to have open, semi-open or closed adoptions?

  11. How is our family different than those on the waiting list?

  12. What support does your agency offer to birth families?

  13. Can we see a list of where out money would go?

  14. Are there any cultural, ethnic or religious limitations with the agency?

  15. What is the average wait time for an adoption parent?

  16. Who decides placement?

  17. Can you provide me a fee schedule?

  18. Can we adopt multiples?

  19. One our home study is approved, how long will it be until we have to renew it?

  20. Do you have a social media group or support group that we can join?

  21. How frequently should we expect to hear from your agency while we wait?

  22. What type of history will be given about the baby?

  23. What contact should we expect to have with birth mom prior to birth?

  24. What makes your agency better than others?

  25. Once the baby comes, what happens to our relationship?

  26. How long after birth would the adoption be finalized?

  27. What happens if we get pregnant?

  28. What happens if we need to say no to a placement?

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